Who do you want to see on the "forum banner" o.o


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Hey guys, our great friend Scribe going to make us a few more banners for our forum and I think it would be great for the members too choose what they want to see up there. Just write down the name of the character and we could start from there. 1 request per user.


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Well if I had to make a selfish decision I'd go with Tsuna from Reborn.

But in order to get new members and gain popularity, I'd say go with Grimmjow or Ichigo. I can't really pick one. I dislike Bleach, but I would gladly have a Bleach banner because it will help out g2 much more than a selfish choice of mine.

I guess I'll go with Grimmjow since it would fit with the current skin.


loli anyone i prefer saber though

ok seriously Archer from Fate/stay night due to his unquie ness and power lols

Anyone is fine but I want saber chan TT


Thanks guys, i'm going to wait for a few more before i make a select couple for the next couple of banners i'll be working on.

I hope you like the current (green) new one that is on the rotate list.


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I got most of your characters that you people request ^^ some I couldnt get because they weren't that many good quality pics but I tried my best.