What cell phone do you have?


chocolate. this pic has the old firmware tho. the music setup is just like that of an ipod. ive got a 6gb card for it so i gave my ipod nano to a friend. battery life is really good too. even when listening to alot of music.
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Mine is Sony Ericsson W550i. Not really a nice phone,the camera isnt clear enough.

Gonna buy Sony Ericsson W910 soon after i save enough money! Love that phone alot!


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I have this really old crappy motorola phone.

I'm about to get a new phone from Hong Kong! xD They have better phones then the ones in U.S. and it's a new model too!!! I'm so happy.
i have SGH-D520. is that what its called? i forget sometimes. anyways its a samsung slide. It's black, and pretty much scratched up and old. :(

but i guess its reliable