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... It doesn't support DX10 haha.
It freezes sometimes...really MANY times when you are trying to install the video driver for 8800GTX, GFX cards.

& IT GOT LIKE MILLIONS OF BLUE-SCREENS! if you didn't install the driver immediately.

It has an ugly ass Theme first. (before you find some other themes)
vista has already a cool theme.

... not saying Vista is any better but the DX10 would have been good feature so you DON'T have to BUY vista.

& many other stuff...

Yup it would be good if that feature would have been in XP.

& another thing.... there are some VISTA ONLY games,
it would have been good if XP could play them too.


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For some reason Vista start really slow even though I have 3Gb's of Ram and I only have a firewall and object dock start up besides the normal stuff...
XP!!! XP!!! XP!!! is so much easier and ... errrr... lots. i just hate all teh pop-ups of teh vista an softwares not compatible like printers, games, etc.
to tell you the truth I would choice linux over both lol but yeah your about to see more people liking vista there pretty close to fixing all the problems and a new service pack will come out to replace all problems some have with it.
I personally prefer XP from a standpoint of familiarity and because it can still run most of my DOS and Windows 95 games without the problems some of my friends have run into with Vista though I can't say Vista is a bad system it just is a resource hog which my computer can't handle and at this point I'm holding off until next year when windows 7 comes out for my new computer


I'm only using vista because i don't really trust w7 yet. I barely trust vista as it is; but with a bit more time i'll make the switch to some supposedly more superior OS haha