Video Games and me


2D Complex.
Video games. Some say they are a waste of time, others play it to get away from reality, but for me it's a different story. I strongly believe if it wasn't for video games I would not be here today.

For one thing video games suck you into the their world, forcing you to adapt. The rewards like completion of a game is satisfying. Whether it's playing a platformer, struggling to survive the spiky pits or either completing 100% on your favorite RPG, the goal is to win. I think I pushed myself maybe too hard on the philosophy to win, slowly moving from a fantasy scenario state to reality principle.

My parents constantly complained about my "gaming" saying its bad and a waste of time. Sure its bad at wasting my time, but my desire to win at the game caused me to avoid bad habits, like drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs. If a video game can prevent that, then it's a win in my book! My parents keep on saying read a book, do anything, but play those video games.

Games may be fun singleplayer, but combine that element with player number 2, then we get a problem called competition. It brings out the best at the same time brings out the worst in us, depending on how you think that is. The best survives while the weak gets pwned by the best. It's a vicious cycle, but people must adapt if they want to truly "win" in multiplayer games. My skills increased in both in-game and out-game abilities as I grew older, compared to when I was say 10.

The moment of truth came. I was driving on the highway doing 70 when a car on a nearby intersection stupidly went in my lane at the last second possible. So little time, and no room for error this was a do or die scenario. I calculated the impossible in less than a second. If I slammed on the brake then I would crash into the car, if I tried to move to the shoulder I would crash into the end of the car (since it was turning in), so the only choice was to move left, squeeze by the car in the left lane and hope for the best.

It's funny how my last thought could have been WTF man (lol), but I do give credit to the video games. Situations always change in video games, a person must adapt or they will fail horribly at it. I HIGHLY believe if it wasn't for my high situation awareness and quick reflexes, I wouldn't be here posting this (you don't get fast reflexes by reading a textbook :p).
So the next time I play any video game, I don't think of it as 0's and 1's, but more like a tool of survival for me. :cool:
Video games can also serve as a release for anger thus preventing you from releasing it on someone else and causing injury and in worst case scenario, death.

Also, playing video games isnt just playing to me since I intend to work in video game design and development.


Im more of a reckless driver so everything I do I have to think ahead, how many cars behind me, how fast people are going in front of me, how much room is left between each card, I go past everyone in record time.... I dont like racing video games because its annoying to hit a button just so you can look backwards, plus playing chicken has its ups and downs in real life...