Unbalance X2,i dont really comment ever but here goes


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Jan 18, 2008
Unbalance X2,i dont really comment ever but here goes

1) its not hentai, its ecchi read the genres. if you dont like ecchi then dont read it and then complain about it.

2) jin-ho isnt your usual little innocent shounen harem boy. he screws up, uses people ect. this pleases me. if your looking for the afro mentioned type of protagonist go read love hina or something. (im not putting love hina down at all i like that one too im just contrasting protagonists here)
as for the other characters they are cool too, some might say they act childish, well i guess they can think that, but considering the circumstances that have been introduced it seems to me like the characters make perfectly human choices. I dont know where people get the teacher being a jerk from, she is pretty much the nicest person in the whole manwha. But lets not sweat the details, ill sum it up:
The characters have unique personalities that develop as the story progresses. nobody likes a stagnant character. Sure the all have their ups and downs, and thats what makes a good story. (for me anyway maybe some people just prefer stagnant over dynamic because change is scary... or something like that)

3) well lets see the art is good stuff and it gets better as it goes on imo.

In conclusion, i thinks its a good manwha. I dont really have anything to complain about except that my favorite supporting female doesnt get enough panels. or as many as i would like her to anyway, but it cant be helped so yeah 10/10 for fallible protagonists, dynamic characters and amazing art!

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