Two amv's I'm entering in cons one is super nova

I didnt watch the first one becuase I couldn't stand the song. Sorry ^^

The second one I felt did not fit particularly well with the song but would be passable. In the first 30 seconds or so it seemed to do ok in order with the correlation between the video and the music. However, after that the co-ordination between the two seemed to slip, you would put pieces of video which would have gone perfectly with the audio a few seconds earlier/later etc.

After about a minute I found it somewhat tiresome, the AMV does not have any sense of climax to it and all seems to go pretty flat. It soon felt like you just took the Grimmjow fight and overlayed some music to it. It was lacking a full relationship between video and audio like I said and lost the effect you were trying to make.

The end bit upset me somewhat as you just cut off the audio with a good few seconds left. If you ran out of material you could have faded the audio out so it does not end so abruptly.


Phoenix of the Red Moon
great job ^^ i like the first one more, and the song is great and it fits perfectly ^^
good luck ^^ now go there and get the first prize (if there's any) ^^