Three Word Story


Jan 31, 2008
Well its a small game I notice on many forums, each person can say only post three words, and these words must link to the last persons words to make a story. Writing conventions dont need to be followed, it can be a stupid as you want. If you still dont know how to play, just watch a page or so if we actualy get this going. As this can actualy be classed as comical with a randomised storyline I do not define this as a spam thread.

For those a little unsure I will give three post examples to show you how it works.
OH just so that you know I made these quotes up as examples, no offence to those who are used as examples.
Tengu said:
The Panzer Rolls.....
amanda said:
.....Into Zoku Haven.....
random said:
.....But is stopped.....
iTech said:
.....By anime and.....
Serph-Clone#1232 said:
.....PORN! The Members.....
As I said it can be as mad as you like, I shall start it off:

There is a.......
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