The loss of another site expressing freedom


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Hey folks, your handsome admin Dante here,
(I don't have an ego, if you guys didn't catch on already)

I thought it would be decent enough to do this, since my bass skills wouldn't have grown had it been for these guys.

Recently, one of the greatest tabulature sites,, was shut down by the MPA, or Music Publisher's Association. (Another special interest group, watching out for "The Man"). These guys hosted over 90,000+ tabs of user created content. But, of course, a majority of that was basically any song that hit the airwaves. So, the owner was shut down and fined over 5000 USD.

But, he will not take that for an answer and he's calling for the users and web browers alike to help him keep his dream alive. So, I thought it would be good for, out of the goodness of my heart, to toss a free plug to him and see if you fine users could help him, like you guys have supported and helped us over the years.

Donations for the Legal Costs

The owner has been renouned through out music enthusiasts. Thousands were screaming revolution when he was shut down. So, help us stick it to the man, and tell him we're not gonna take this crap any longer.

Also, free plug to his main site, which gives you a better explanation of what the site is fighting for. Power Tabs

Rock on!

A similar thing has happened before with a site name
The owner collected donations and then gave user logs to the MPAA.


"The top spot for sharing torrent files on the Internet,, has been shut down, apparently permanently, though there's no clear indication that MPAA was the 'main culprit.' However, it should be said that the site's owner actually provided the MPAA with complete website logs detailing user information, and that's after they've collected around $40,000 dollars to fight a pending lawsuit by the MPAA."


"Ed Webber [, the owner of LokiTorrent,]knowingly manipulated the p2p community into donating a large amount of funds while during the same exact time, without the knowledge or agreement of the p2p community, closed a deal that potentially puts each and everyone of his supporting bit torrent community and website visiting members at risk."

So, it is likely just a scam :hot:.


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eh...people don't even donate to G2 let alone the next man's site 'in honor' of G2.

Edit: Something about that guy that caught my eye, the improper use of the word 'have' in the last line.

And good point GameSmash.
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I find it quite sad (especially being a guitar player myself using so many of these sites to find tabs) that these things have been taking place. What makes it even more ridiculous is that it is user generated content. If people were stealing and scanning purchased sheet music of artists songs that would be obvious infringement and would be made illegal. Helping others play a song which they tabbed by ear is entirely different. That's basically like saying it's illegal for people to sing or play along with a song on a CD (how long before someone gets sued for sitting around a camp fire playing one of their favorite tunes to a group of friends?). And much of the time these tabs since they are unofficial and user generated are incomplete, and have errors. They aren't even exact copies of the artists music!

I think these sites being shut down is a loss for consumers, and a loss for the artists. One more big hit and more freedom removed from the people in the name of greed.


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^I was gonna say pretty much the same thing, and I agree. User-created tab sharing is nothing like music piracy, anime piracy, or any other kind of media piracy(which I think we can all agree is illegal, but we still do it at the risk of being sued :D). Are youtube videos showing popular song interpretations illegal now?

This is complete BS.


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It is sad.

GamesSmash, I hear you, and what you are saying. I don't think this guy would have sold out everyone. If that was the case, then what would be his benefits, beside smaller criminal charges.

Besides, the MPA.....They aren't as active as the MPAA. Then again, the most of our active users know my stance on the special interest groups, and that's all I consider them as...Groups...With no legal power. If the government told me to stop downloading music and videos, then fine, I'll comply.

I dunno.


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nah the MPA did shut alot of guitar tab websites down, im not too sure about the fine tho

i dont have any money to donate anyways lol

but if you want a site that has lots of members and cant be shut down cus its russian or something, try