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i love almost everything, if written well.although i have an affinity for horror and science-fiction, or well-written smut- i looove smut. ;3
i love all smut: yaoi, gender bender, yuri, straight, tentacles, demon, interspecies, etc.there are no limits to my smut-y goodness. ;3


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so anyone, any nice recommendation of novels??well, currently I am reading God of Small Things.very hmmm...you'll feel bored if you dont read it all at once till finish.yet it's very worth reading.it's funny too.
hmmm.. the book , the movie. which one is better mommy?I mean, is it exactly the same as the book. or the book is better then the movie or otherwise?
is it a worth reading book?oh yeah, mommy I wanna ask if you know this book tittle. I;ve been searching for it but, I forget the tittle of the book.so maybe you can tell me,the book is about a boy lil who is very smart, well, I would like to say genius. he;s an orphan who lives in the street and he is also a pickpocket.one day a detective (police? not sure) catch him red handed. because it is Christmastime, the police (he intended to put this boy in jail) takes this boy to his home.since his wife has been waiting for his return home. the detective;s wife is so excited when she finds this lil boy with her husband.and then they adopted the child.then the story goes.'the detective and his wife died. and this lil boy want to make revenge to the ones who kills his father (detective).oh, and to be notified, this lil boy is kinda heartless.so yeah, I'[m pretty interested with this story, mommy.