The Film Thread

Talk about what movie you have recently seen, what you are going to see, what you though on a certain movie etc.

I saw Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj yesterday. It was hilarious! I reccomend anyone to watch it if they are in need of a comedy like American Pie or something.


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I saw Death Silent. It wasn't scary. tHEY NEED TO go back to the classic CG'S that's when the real horror happens


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Yeah that movie was iight i liked it , Um a movie that i just saw is The Hills have eyes 2 it was THE WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!! WHERES MY REFUND!!!!!!!!


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I watched "Infection" ("Kansen") today. The ending was confusing, I couldn't keep the room numbers/events straight, and I felt ill afterwards. Not recommended, but if you want to watch some J-Horror go for it.
I saw Robin Hood Men in Tights yesterday. It was a very funny. So funny that I wish that I could watch but can't because it was on TV. So if someone want me to recommend a movie.I will say Robin Hood Men In Tights