Terra Incognita Expansion Project


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lol id love to but you need someone better organized.. maybe [MENTION=1507]Geoff[/MENTION]
You barely know me, how do you know I'm not a disorganized slob?


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If no one accepts, to do it. Then i ll do it.But i do need details and of course a team would be better for this kind of a thing.


Debate tournaments sound good, with judges that disqualify any argument based on logical fallacy :p(dont know if I responded here yet)

could try any other kind of intellectual game, chess tourneys, or otherwise.

but you already had those ideas and were looking for something "fresh". I remember a game that involved tv shows/movies that had to do with consistency in real life. Small things like does this shit actually happen or not. Mythbuster forum style I suppose lol I havnt really thought it through but the general idea behind it is... there is usually a situation on tv where you think I WAS IN THAT SITUATION THAT SOOOO DOES NOT HAPPEN or somehting like that.