Well i think for the site to continue to exist the staff member should look after the forum.A lot of the threads are old and it's necessary to do something about them and i think it's not that bad tow have some thread for download (i mean beside the anime for example something like movie or music download.I think this kind of think is attractive at least it's what i have saw on other forums.Thank you for your notice and with the best wish for G2anime:em087:


I don't understand quite what you mean? We look after the forum everytime we sign in? As for "old" threads, the only way someone can improve on an old thread is if someone actually posts new threads... There's nothing we can actually do about that, that's left down to you and all the other users.
You mean prune the forum by getting rid of all topics which are x-amount old or moving them to the graveyard area? The forum is not active enough in my view.

Yes, I to like the one title per a tread system, nothing I hate more then looking though a load of "my super huge anime tread" for one title with a hundard odd spam posts with "wow thank you" in them. Even forum search functions don't make looking though them easyer.

Thank you, for your kind words and support.

Though speaking of tiding up, is one of the super mods going to make spice's anime index a sticky so it replaces the old out of date one? Click click
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Thank you Darkparagon you got me right i mean if it's gonna work then it's needed to have a throughout clean up.Thanks for your notice.By the way i can post links of music and other stuff for download of course because i'm somehow restricted on the internet it happens that i 'll be offline for a month or more so it needs other members cooperation.
I'm very sure once we get a bit more active, spring cleaning will take place.

As for you other point, of cause you can post links for music and what not, I'm sure all will be very greatful if you do, and don't worry about having a bad connection. Even if you can not, just taking part in the forum by chatting is great.

To post music, you will have to get to the 50 post mark. At which point you can access the " Vault Downloads/free for all " where music goes. If your having problems reaching the 50 post count, you could always help me post some of my manga, as I have over 200 titles currently uploaded but not posted, however I just don't have the time to write/post all the details for them, with me currently doing 12 hour shifts at work *rather, I'm very lazy*. XD
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Indeed javad you are very welcome to post to music, I am quite a failure when it comes to downloading and uploading music. ^_^; But as Darkparagon said just taking part in the forums by chatting is great!

If you need a helping hand with uploading your manga just PM me Darkie, then I can help you out a little with posting your manga series while I wait on my anime series to be uploaded. ^_^
Oh wow thanks, I will put all the files that needed to be posted in one file on my mediafire account and send you a link to it, so we can work though them XD. Most likely not be tonight, as I'm feeling to lazy!