Silent Hill FC


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May 10, 2011

"That's strange, it's getting darker."
~ Harry Mason

Yes, it has its roots in J-Horror. Used the machine's limitation to make a chilling atmosphere. Defined words like "vexing", "disturbing" and "plain damned scary".

It made us change pants, and it made us switch on the lights. Even during the daylight, we never felt safe, despite it being pixels on 3D polygons that ran on CTRs's blue, green and red.

KCET's SH did what CAPCOM's RE has failed to do, despite being the ones who coined Survival Horror. SH has indeed changed the gaming history, and many will defend that it is the most scariest and one of the most influential game ever to set foot in the gaming scene and the Horror genre.

This thread is dedicated to those who have enjoyed(endured) playing the hellish realms of Silent Hill. And for those who loves this series.