Signature of the Week (SOTW) Rules and Regulations

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Mar 4, 2011
Here are the rules for the Signature of the Week (SOTW) contest.

Please read them thoroughly and follow them!

Submission Rules

1. Your entry should not exceed 500px X 200 px in size.
2. It can be vertical as well, but in that case you should not exceed 200 X 500.
3. This is a PG-13 forum. Please do not submit offensive works (eg. Gore, Hentai)!
4. Submit only original works. Don't steal, or the punishment will be severe!
5. Submit only new works. Please don't reuse old works! (There may be exceptions to this)
6. If you submit an entry which uses a stock, please provide a URL of the stock along with the entry. The URL will be included when the entry is posted for voting.
7. If you submit an entry which uses a render and background, please provide a URL of the render and background along with the entry. However, if the background is self-made, then specify it in your entry. The URLs will be included when the entry is posted for voting.
8. All entries are to be submitted to me, dark_9tails.
9. If the SOTW thread is not closed by the end of a week, please inform one me so I can close it.
10. You can only submit one entry. If you decide to submit a new entry, please make it clear that the new submission is replacing the old one when you PM me.
11. PMs should be entitled "SOTW #___(whichever SOTW you are submitting for)".
12. Don't add your username to your signature, or any other hints to your identity for that matter. Fairplay is important!
13. After the results have been announced in the particular SOTW you participated in, you can post your entry in your GFX Gallery if you want.
14. Don't wear your entry during the contest. It makes it pretty obvious that you were the one who made it, and it makes me facepalm as well.
15. Please rehost your entry on an image-hosting site which does not include your username in the file URL (eg. Tinypic), be it for the entry or the stock/render.

Voting Rules

1. Don't vote for yourself (and yes, we know if you voted for yourself)!
2. Only vote once.
3. Votes should be in bold, for clarity's sake.
4. When you vote, you must provide a reason for your vote. "It's cool" or "I like it" is not a good reason.
5. Don't go all flamey on people who don't vote for the same entry as you do. They are entitled to their own opinion.

And most importantly,
Enjoy yourself!

If any of you have any questions or inquiries, please PM me for clarification!

Not open for further replies.