Shinji's Japanese class Pre-req.

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Well, it is so cool that a lot of you are interested in Learning Nihongo.
One of the things i recommend is that you be able to type using Japanese characters.

If you cannot see this....

Type Japanese, Korean, Chinese characters/kanji on English computer keyboards

this site has good instructions to get your computer set up

When you finish, you should have a little box on your screen that looks like this...

and if you click on it.....

and if you select Japanese....

and if you click on input mode.....

most of the time, you will only need to use the HIRAGANA mode.

Are you with me so far?

Shinji Ikari

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NOW, typing in Japanese is tricky.... remember there are NO spaces when you type in Japanese. The space bar has a different function when you type in Japanese....

Ok, this is your first word...!!! write it down!!!!!


konnichi means "today"

KONNICHIWA means hello or good afternoon.

To type the word, and for it to be spelled correctly, you must type konnnichiha.
And if you hit the space baR 2 times and press enter 2 times, you get this...
which is the proper spelling of konnichiwa using Kanji and Hiragana as the particle.

You must type konnichiwa with 3 N's because

the first hiragana letter is "KO"

the next hiragana letter is "N"

* when in hiragana mode, you must type the "N" 2 times to getbecause MME is waiting to see if you mean "NI" or "NE" or some other letter that starts with "N"

"NI" is the next letter

"CHI" is the next letter

"HA" is the particle pronounced "WA" (that is why it is typed as konnichiWA)


kumo no you ni
今日は yay! I did it^^

どうもうありがとうございます!(I don't know if this is correct, but I think you got the idea :p)

Shinji Ikari

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どういたしまして! (dou're welcome)
Yes, that is correct....
doumo arigatou gozaimasu!
どうも   ありがとう ございます

Shinji Ikari

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Ingenious... click on the link and scroll down.... follow the instructions for Japanese.

If you really have trouble, i'll walk you through it on MSN one day

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name translations are very complicated, but if you just wanted to write "ingeniousthinker" in kana.... You would use Katakana for names..


i'm out a time now, but i'll take a stab at translating it into Kanji tonight when i get home..
Mine in Kanji is

It's an actual japanese male name meaning victory. *shrug*

and I love you is


While my OC's name is

星 光希

That is light hope star or Hoshi Kouki
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Shinji Ikari

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O =
TO = 
U = 
SA =
N =

in japanese, with otoosan (or otousan) you have the long vowel because of the OO...

In this case, you use U (う) to show the long vowel sound.

and if you go one step further, there is only one kanji in otousan....

*hugs* hope this helps ^.^