Shampoo is evil


Manga Fan
Jul 26, 2009
I'm currently in the middle of a Digital Media Diploma course thingy.

My tutor is a great guy outside class I'm sure, when he's not being a total asshole in class. We have critiques most afternoon's at 1:30. Before then he says he is free to get your work checked over to see if there are any glaring mistakes for you to fix. When he actually does come to look at your work, he will pretty much say "everything is fine, I like __________, you're on the right track" which sounds great, right?

Roll the critiques, it's your turn, you put your work up on the projector. You start presenting your work and then he'll drop the anchor "Your _____________________" and suddenly there are WRONG things, things that shouldn't be there, they are WRONG, you need more WORK, I am always there to help YOU, blah blah blah. Yeah, thanks for humiliating me, asshole. Thanks for asking me a question that doesn't have a good answer and will only lead to more humiliation. Thanks for saying you liked the work of a dude that spent 15 minutes organizing shapes into an ugly monochrome mess of a website over my work, which I agonized over for hours IN FRONT OF YOU.

Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe he's really trying to help everyone else out by pointing out faults after the fact. Maybe I should just chill and accept the fact that some random guy who mocks up a site in a quarter hour has a better sense of aesthetics than I.

Maybe Shampoo really is evil, and it's starting to fry my brain from the roots.