Servant Archer

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Jan 29, 2008
Class: Archer

Age(Appear to be): 18

True Identity: Artemis

Appearance: Short cropped brown hair with jade green eyes and a slightly tanned complexion. She wears the typical huntress attire of colours of green,dark brown, yellow and orange.

Very noble, very prideful and refuses to step down. She takes a deep respect for everyone whether they are friend or foe unless she deems them unworthy of her respect.

History/Past: She is the daughter or Zeus and Leto, the twin sister of Apollo, she was born in a place where the sun never shone due to a curse Hera had placed on their mother due to jealousy. The thought that perhaps it was just an ‘at the spur of the moment’ curse but her step mother had continued to be cruel to her and her brother afterwards, she was not the kind of girl to sit around and take it yet she could not harm Hera so she took out her anger by practising archery and swordsmanship. She swore to herself to never become like Hera and to chastity.

Seeks for the best

Strength: C
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: B


Magic Resistance
Rank: B
Nullifies all magic that requires less than three verses. Cannot block large-scale magic such as great magic or ritual magic.

Divinity : B+
Consider the true blood of a Goddess

Rank: C
Enhanced visual perception. In her case, achieved through the application of Reinforcement to her eyes. At this rank, Archer is capable of accurately aiming at targets at the very least as far as 4 km and is able to keep track of bodies moving at enormous speed.

Independent Action
Rank: B
The capacity of Servants to subsist without a Master. At this rank, she is capable of existing for two days without an established contract, and is also able to remain for a short period of time even after her spiritual core has subsisted severe damage.

Battle Continuation
Rank: A
Does not give up easily. It allows for battle even on the verge of death, and allows the user to stay alive until they receive a clearly fatal blow.

Noble Phantasm:

Cupid’s Bow
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
A female that has been shot from an arrow from this bow will gradually loose the will to fight. A male however will begin to feel their blood boil with raw love until they surrender.

Tracking Bow
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B
The arrows shot from this bow will not stop until they had pierced the target. One the arrows pierce the target the arrows will explode causing miniature explosions.

Type: Support
Rank: E~A++
A Reality Marble, also known as an Innate Bounded Field, is an extremely rare high-class sorcery that expands an enclosed alternate reality that is a physical representation of a user's soul. Within a Reality Marble, users are able to violate the laws of nature, the creation of an ideal battlefield. Although not a true Noble Phantasm, this spell is treated as one.
‘Trap’ appears to be a large forest which countless traps of various kinds. All opponenets of Archer must try to survive as she hunts them down as if she were hunting.

Weaknesses: Animals, good food.

Likes: Animals, Nature’s Beauty

Dislikes: Broken promises, Pollution.
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