Rush Hour 3


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What do you think, will it be better than the first two? I haven't seen Chris Tucker in any movie in a while, so this better be a great movie so he can make a little money to support himself,lmao. Joking. Post your comments
I've never been a big fan of the Rush Hour series. The whole idea of buddy cop pictures is old and needs to seriously be either revamped or simply done away with.


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Well, I thought the others were pretty nice. Didn't think we'd ever see a 3 though, considering 2 was made a while back

Hopefully this one will be pretty good as well


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After this movie I think Jackie will retire, either that or make romantic movies. Somehow I can't picture him making out or actually sleeping with a girl.


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threequels for the entire blockbuster season is getting old..and so is Jackie Chan. He'll probably be retiring after another two movies or so and his son will take over. :p

I will be seeing this though, since my dad is such a huge fan of Jackie Chan.


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Fridays? do u mean the movies with Ice cube ? cause that wasn't Chris Tucker[/b]
WTF do you mean that wasn't Chris Tucker....yes it was. o_O Are you blind.
The First Two were definitely much better than the third. In the last one they overplayed the stupid humor too much and it took away from the entire movie.