Rules of the writ

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Mar 2, 2011

Rules of the Writ:

Thou shalt not spam: If you post in this section, you are either:

A) Contributing a written work of your own creation, whether in prose, poetry, or any other form,

B) Providing criticism of said pieces, or

C) Requesting a written piece.

If you intend to post for any other reasons other than the above stated, you will not be treated kindly. Also, unless you are writing a long prose piece, please DO NOT double post.

Thou shalt watch thy tongue: These forums are PG-13. Within your writing, you are allowed to make slight references to “graphic” acts, i.e. injury, mutilation, sex, but are not allowed to explicitly describe acts in a similar vein to the aforementioned. Excessive swearing is also not tolerated, even within the confines of your story.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto thee: You must, above all, respect other people in the writing sections. If you have a criticism of an author’s piece, DO NOT make it a personal attack on the author. Don't just say that a certain piece "sucks" or "rocks". Provide constructive feedback that the author will appreciate and use to improve his or herself. Similarly, if you are an author responding to comments on your pieces, DO NOT insult a commenter if they don’t positively critique your work. Flame wars and trolling will not be tolerated here.

Thou shalt not steal: If you post a written piece created by another person on this website and claim it as your own, we will be forced to take further action. Please post up only your original works here. If you decide to put up someone else’ s piece ON THEIR BEHALF, make sure you have permission, and credit them for their work.

Thou shalt follow the other laws that have been writ: Alongside these rules, you need to follow the basic forum rules created by our Administrators (no excessively large font, flaming, etc.).

Thou shalt watch thy own back: Your writing threads are, first and foremost, YOUR OWN PROPERTY. If you create a thread, you are responsible for managing it. We mods will monitor the threads to the best of our ability, but we can’t stay online 24/7. If you have qualms with a person, message us, and we will respond as soon as we can. Otherwise, deal with the problem calmly and professionally.

Thou must be aware of the consequences of thine own actions: There ARE punishments in place. For your first infraction, you will get a warning. For your second, you get a black mark, meaning you may lose access to certain parts of the forum. On your third infraction, you gain a suspension, with each subsequent infraction increasing the punishment, DEPENDENT ON THE INFRACTION.

Respect the Creators and their laws: These rules are in place to ensure that people have fun, and don’t dissolve into massive fights. Do your utmost to respect these rules.

Thou shalt enjoy thyself: Writing is about creativity and freedom of expression, and this is a good place to express yourself and write. Enjoy yourself here, and go write!
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