Rules And Regulations

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Akemi Homura

Welcome to the part of the forum where you you can talk about anything that`s ANIME related may it be an ongoing or completed series

Here are some guidelines and regulations that you must pay attention to prior to posting your first thread or your first reply.

1. No Spamming

- necroposting (if the thread has not been updated for more than 2 months, avoid posting unless it was permitted by staffs)

- avoid one-liner replies

- no double-posting/multi-posting (exempt from a 24 hour gap before the prior post if you are the owner of the thread)

- no possession post/conversation within the thread

2. All Other Forums Rules Applies

- all other rules mentioned in the forum applies in this section as well, please refrain from any infraction of rules/guidelines

3. Your Thread is your own

- as a owner of threads, it is part of your responsibilities to avoid any infraction in your thread, think of it like your a mini-Mod in the thread you made

4. Spoiler Tags

- spoiler Tags are there for a reason, so all manga related anime please spoiler tag all information that has yet to be animated. Please be respectful to all anime only watchers

more to come.......
Special Note: You can necro an old "Anime" Discussion Thread as long as that Anime series is still on-going!
Not open for further replies.