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this is a topic i started on another group its really cool you make your oun character and we dont follow any actual dont have to make up a character if u dont want to you can use a character from anything but if you do that dont extreamly over exagerate there powers well have fun! :D[/b]
I got the idea for this rp from EveryAnime and I'm gonna be Rukia from Bleach.


Severuuk's Cuppycake
Name: Yume
Age: 17
height: 5'4''
past: Yume was raised as an orphan, her parents having been killed when she was 7. She ran away when she was 13 and met a boy named Jun. Jun sheltered her and fed her until she was 16 when she decided to travel on her own.
personality: Yume is very quiet and secretive. Though she may be helpful, when it comes to injuries and fighting, she isn't much of a conversation holder. She never leaves anywhere without her guns. She doesn't normally show signs of love and affection for anyone.
appearance: Black tank top, frayed shorts, long leather jacket, thick ankle boots, half a heart shaped necklace, green eyes, full lips, medium short brown hair, pocket knife in her left pocket, gun holster and a gun on her right side.

Yume traveled through the empty town, tired from the long journey she had been through. She didn't see any signs of human activity. No children outside playing, no people driving, no old people doing their weekly yard work. Yume liked the silence that surrounded her. She took the moments she had to herself to think about what she was going to do while she was here.
Yume walked into a hotel, expecting to see a hotel clerk ready to assist the next customer. But what she saw, was a room full of dust and cobwebs. There were rats and spiders in the corners of the lobby. Yume glanced around the eerie room, slowly stepping towards the front desk.
No one was there though. Yume paced swiftly out of the creepy hotel and onto the street.
Screw this place, Im out of here... Yume thought.


Severuuk's Cuppycake
Yume reached a small cabin in the forest just east of the town she had left. It seemed as if it too had been abandoned, but she noticed that there was wet laundry on the line, and a bucket full of soapy water.
She quietly walked to the door and gently knocked on its old wooden surface, and waited for a couple of minutes before proceeding to walk around to the back.
She could here rushing waters, realizing there was a river near the house.
"I could use some water," Yume muttered, kicking at the dust. She glanced to the side, where she noticed a little girl peeping at her from a corner of the house.
"Hello, little one..." Yume said, with a look of surprise on her face. "Where's your mommy?"
The little girl pointed towards the sound of the rushing river. "She went to go find daddy. He went hunting last night and never came back," the girl whispered.
Yume stared at the forest, thinking about how she had never run across any animals or beasts that were edible nor deadly. Maybe she was just lucky to have not had to deal with anything deadly.
With a quick thank you and a nod towards the little girl, she ran off towards the river.


Severuuk's Cuppycake
She found a woman lying in the mud next to the riverbank, wounded. Her leg was severely lacerated across the back. You could see the muscle and flesh, ripped to the bone. Yume examined the woman's body to see if she was still alive, but the woman's throat appeared to have been slashed open. Yume was disgusted by the violent display, as she dragged the lady out of the mud and propped her carefully against a tree.
Yume cautiously looked around, to see if the husband was nearby. She could hear vicious growls and ripping meat nearby. She got goosebumps, as she stepped towards the disturbing sounds in fear. She could see the beast; bigger than any man, yet in the form of a wolf.
A gasp escaped from her mouth, causing the over sized creature to whirl around, and growl. He could smell her fear, as she silently devised a plan to run.
Suddenly, the wolf caught an odd scent in the air. Yume watched, fearfully, yet curiously as the beast began to sniff. He jumped to his feet and began to run away from the direction the scent was coming from.

WandererLynx XX

Dark Leviathan Sannin

age: unknown
power: dark magic/samurai blades/furyoku possesion

not much is known about Lynx Archibald Phillbright Weishenhouser XXVIII except for his purpose, revenge and redemption of his bloodline and his power inherited from dracula.