REvise your 50 post option.


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Hachuyani: That is complete and utter nonsense. Your comments matter to us...If not the rest of the team, then certainly to me.

Don't worry, we will discuss it.
true, I guess taking everyone's opinion into consideration is a good thing(I know cuz I'm an admin, listening is something I do). Thank you for at least hearing me out, I say 50 because many other sites like BleachForums and ClubBleach have that requirement.


lol true 50 posts is a good one or being active for a amount of time for people who doesn't like to post.
Im guessing you guys weren't aware how to do this, quite easy.

Im guessing you have a promotion set up to upgrade "registered users" to something along the lines of "active users" etc at 50 posts.

1) Go to your ACP
2) Go to forums and moderators
3) Go to view permissions and scroll down to the advertising forum.
4) Select registered users and edit their permissions so that they can't post their own threads but they can view and reply to others. Oh and make sure they can view the forum.

This way your active users will actually BENEFIT from putting ads on the site. Normal 0 posters can view the forum and it's content but they cannot start their own thread and start advertising until they have 50 posts.

BTW if you don't have a promotion set up for a 50+ post group (although im positive you do) just create one, its like a 2 minute job. Literally.

Sorry if I misunderstood the topic and am giving bad advice but that seems to be what people are complaining about o_O