Request for an opening


Kitty pawns all!
Any writer's interested in heping me write an opening for my AG?

if interested give me a pm

here are the details.

The setting is about a world where gundams and knightmares exist.

The world is split into 4 conflicting forces.



Black knights

Brave squad.

so i need someone to write a piece about how this 4 forces clash with one another.

and theres an entity known as the requiem virus that wants to destroy the world technologies
Are there any guidelines, such as a minimum/maximum number of words, etc? And what is the genre of the piece? Writers who are better at writing such genres would be interested to help out.


Kitty pawns all!
my AG is mecha themed.

thats why i said pm me for details cause theres a bunch of stuff i want to state.

oh well i just add it in my request post