Prince's Awsumires ~!


Ah I see. Well, there's no harm in experimenting on PS so yeah. : )
Heh? Lol what?

But then I'm anticipating to see more of your works.


Earth's Blessing
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It seems the Kitsune sig is everyones fav ^.^
Yup , the Fox girls i s a render, so is the tree behind her >u<


Earth's Blessing
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For chu sure
Pm me what chu want and i'll see what i can come up with
I have some time tomorrow so ill give it a go ^^


Kissing ZeroKnight's Neck
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Prince presents hes latest project titles the " Crimson Princess" , ENJOY ~! ^u^

she does seem a bit squished down but over all i like the look but also what 9tails said, it doesn't have enough depth.
I suppose scaling the render a bit more down would help her not look squished.

as where on this one^ she looks normaly portioned :)

Personally for me, I don't like the orange outer stroke (Crimson Princess) because I don't like what it does to the chopsticks in her hair :p but other then that, I think it looks nice.
I haven't delved much into pop out sigs, only made one once and it was basic
that will have to be my next project :)