Polina Ivanova - Master

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Feb 2, 2008
Name: Apollinariya(Polina) Ivanova

Gender: Female

Age: 15

  • Hair: Her hair is light blond, smooth, and comes down to her waist. More often than not she has it braided into a single long pony tail.
  • Hight: 5"1
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Apparel: Polina's standard dress wear includes a Linen Kosovorotka shirt and Sarafan. She also often wears a long black sable fur coat whenever it's cold.
  • Accessories: 1 Browning 9 millimeter Pistol.

Personality: Polina has a very sadistic, selfish, and cruel personality. She cares for no one but her self and is not afraid of hurting or even killing those who stand between her and her goal. She also dislikes working together, though she won't hesitate to use someone in order to gain what she wants.

History/Past: Polina was born, raised, and up until now has resided in a castle near Noril'sk, Russia. Her upbringing was entirely dedicated around training her for the holy grail war. She was taught a great deal of magic, strategy, and to never show mercy or compassion. Do to this, often times her parents had to use very cruel methods of training and punishment. Which caused Polina to not only gain the cruel, merciless personality as planned but also develop a strong hate for her parents.

She just recently left her home in Noril'sk to travel to _______ to participate in the next Holy Grail war. But not without murdering her parents as they slept first as a token of her gratitude for raising her.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Abilities: Polina specializes in both channeled and ice based magic.

замерзший полевой / Frozen Field*
~ Allows Polina to temporarily freeze anything she touches, she also has the power to guide and advance the frozen field in any direction she wishes. Although She can not freeze directly into a solid surface she is able to send channels of ice through cracks in pavement/wood ect. and force the openings wider. She is able to continuously expand the frozen surface as far and wide as she wants but the larger the field gets the more mana it costs to keep the entire area frozen and expand it at the same time.

волшебный большая волна / Mana Surge
~ A long range offensive spell. Mana Surge allows Polina to concentrate and send a destructive surge of mana as a single bolt directly from her palm.

волшебный удельная проводимость / Magic Conductivity (Lame name, couldn't think of anything better)
~ A utility spell. Magic Conductivity allows Polina to forcibly change any surface to allow the flow of mana through it.

Weaknesses: Being reminded of her past. People being nice to her. (I'll try to expand here when I think of more.)

Likes: Wining, underhanded tactics, her self, exploiting people, chaos, cold weather, cruelty, listening to the screams of her victims, determination,

Dislikes: Adults, humanity in general(With the exception of anyone her age), order, friendliness, hot and warm weather, weak and/or needy people, giving up

* I wasn't sure if I would have to use water for this spell or not. I kind of thought "Hey, it's magic. I shouldn't need to have water to freeze stuff." But I could always be wrong...

Since this is my first time doing any sort of RPing I apologize if some of the areas feel lame or overdone. Creativity isn't exactly one of my strong points. Also, since it's been a while since I saw F/SN and I'm not that far through the game yet there are lots of things, like if using modern weapons was against the rules or not.


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Feb 17, 2008
"I ask you, are you my master?"

I got a feeling that we'll be doing well if we do a tag team together.

So.. I ask you again.. are you my master? ^^
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