One Piece: Brand New World


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 41 ? Is There a Doctor in the House?

The black haired woman stood with two large bulky men at her sides.

?Got it?? she asked

?The plan, yeah I got it, cause a commotion to draw out the water warriors and distract them.? Answered the first man

The second ?Yip, find Luffy and the others on the second tier and help them.?

?Meanwhile I?ll gather as much information as I can about the demon lord of the North.? Said the woman

The man walked towards Eshu?s palace door raised his powerful fist and smashed the door of its hinges causing an alarm to sound.

The woman smiled as she vanished into the darkness.

The second man reached the black pillar and entered down into the guardian chamber where a huge monster lay defeated. He walked across the room to the second elevator and proceeded down towards the second tier.

?Sanji wake up!? cried Luffy as he rushed to his fallen friend.

Sanji?s chest was bleeding heavily

?If we don?t stop his bleeding then he?ll die.? Said Pucho

?How can you say that so normally!? cried Usopp

?What!?? asked a shocked Pucho ?He will, I?m only saying.?

?We need to find a doctor.? Said Nami ?Quick, we?re going into town.?

Slowly and carefully the gang managed to get Sanji onto Luffy?s back in a piggyback look.

?He?s bleeding on me.? Groaned Luffy

?Tough.? Said Nami ?Now let?s go

As quickly as they could the gang reached the mansion door and out onto the hill, down they went and were soon once again in the town square.

?Where?s a doctor?? asked luffy

?A doctor?? asked the man ?There is none in this place.?

?WHAT!?? cried Nami ?Why is that, how is that??

?Eshu.? Said the man ?When people die, he takes there bodies to animate as dolls, if doctors are here to cure us then he?ll find himself without bodies so he killed the doctors of this town, we are very much prisoners just like those down below.?

?Damn it.? Roared Luffy ?I?m sick of this guy.?

?We have to help Sanji somehow.? Said Pucho ?If Skadi were here she could freeze the wound, in fact where is she, shouldn?t she have defeated that water warrior by now??

?You talking about the woman that fought Yemaya?? asked the man

?Yeah.? Replied Usopp

?She was defeated, as was the swordsman who battled ajari joan.?

?WHAT!!?? cried Everyone

?What are you talking about!?? cried Luffy

?Well Ajari Joan showed up after Yemaya took the ice girl to Eshu and beat up your swordsman friend and took him to Eshu.? Spoke the man

?Zoro lost.? Gasped Nami ?No way.?

Luffy slowly removed Sanji from his back and gave him to Pucho

?What are you doing?? asked Pucho

?You guys help Sanji.? He said ?I?m going to the top to beat up Eshu.?

?Are you insane!? cried the old man ?Do you know what?s up there!??

?No I don?t.? said Luffy coldly ?But that doesn?t matter.?

?Look buy.? Said the man getting angry now ?Not only is Eshu up there but Ajari Joan is there too and even if you beat him there?s still the water warriors and mug Riuth is different from the water warriors you faced here, he?s incredibly powerful. He could kill us all in a matter of minutes.?

?Right.? Replied Luffy ?Now I know who to beat up after Eshu.?

?IDIOT!? roared the man ?You?re going to die if you go up there.?

?My friends are up there!!? screamed luffy at the man ?I?m not going to let them become dolls, I?m going to save them no matter what.?

The man gave up ?Fine boy go on and die.?

?That black pillars the way up right?? asked Luffy turning to the others

?It is.? Answered Nami

?After Sanji gets better come up and find me.? Grinned luffy and then he sped towards the pillar.

?Should we let him go alone?? asked Usopp

?You?re free to go.? Said Pucho

?No way.? Laughed Usopp ?I need to help Sanji, a brave warrior of the sae does not abandon an injured nakama.?

?Usopp.? Grinned Nami as she walked over to him with a smile.

Usopp wary of nami and her schemes slowly replied ?What??

?Where?s my Climatact you dolt!? she cried smacking him on the head.

?OWW!? roared Usopp ?That hurt!?

Usopp rummaged around in his bag before pulling out Nami?s Climatact.

?Good.? Smiled Nami ?Now I can fight.?


Luffy arrived at the giant black pillar and saw the elevator which he proceeded to enter.

As Luffy entered the elevator up the elevator down arrived and the two just barely missed meeting.

Luffy proceeded upwards while the person went towards town.

?Zoro, Skadi.? Thought Luffy ?I?m going to save you.?


The person moved slowly through the town, he didn?t want to attract too much attention to his appearance after all he wasn?t exactly human. All he had to do was find them. It didn?t take long, he arrived in the centre of town and finally saw them.?

?Right then.? Said Usopp ?Doctors, damn it where?s Chopper when you need him??

?Somewhere out there.? Said Nami

?Who?s Chopper?? asked Pucho

?A Reindeer Human.? answered Usopp ?He was a reindeer that ate the Hito Hito No Mi.?

?And he?s a doctor?? asked Pucho

?Yeah, the best there is.? Grinned Usopp

The person approached the group unknown to him that Pucho was watching him

?Good then.? Laughed Pucho ?Is that him??

Pucho pointed at the being approaching and Nami and Usopp turned around to see a large brown furry man with a pink hat.

?CHOPPER!!!!? cried Usopp

?You remember me.? Cried Chopper

?Why would I forget you?? asked Usopp

?Cause I disappeared.? Answered Chopper

Chopper the noticed the injured Sanji ?SANJI!? he cried ?I?ll heal you as soon as possible.?

?You there.? said Nami to the man who had been arguing with Luffy ?We need a place to stay.?

The man grunted and said ?Fine come with me.?


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 42 ? Assault on the Palace

Riuth looked down from above, he saw Eshu?s palace doors getting smacked down and a large man entering while a woman disappeared into the darkness, he saw a second man down the elevator to the second tier. Then he saw an elevator coming up and grinned as Luffy exited it ?Finally.? He hissed

Luffy was stunned the Third Tier was nothing more than Eshu?s palace, to the side of the palace was a giant lake. The palace itself was huge with large windows, it was made of smooth white rock that seemed to make it sparkle in the darkness. Stain Glass windows seemed to shimmer from the white of the rock.

?Cool.? Laughed Luffy

In the home of the man who argued with Luffy.

Chopper had Sanji bandaged up in 10minutes and finally sighed ?safe.?

?That was quick.? smiled Nami ?You?re the best Chopper.?

?No.? said Chopper ?Sanji somehow dodged most of the attack across his chest. Had it been a successful attack Sanji would be dead.?

Nami looked shocked ?But he got that saving me.?

?Relax Nami.? said Pucho ?Sanji ran away without us. So this is his own fault.?

?At least he?s gonna be ok.? Laughed Usopp ?That?s the important thing.?

?I?m going up now.? Said Pucho

?Up where?? asked Chopper

?Too help Luffy.? Said Pucho

?L-let?s?go.? Hissed Sanji as his eye popped open

?YOU?RE AWAKE!? shrieked Usopp

?No.? said chopper ?You need rest.?

Sanji sat up grabbed hi black coat and put it on ?Luffy needs us.?

?But you can?t do anything in you?re condition!? cried Chopper ?You could still die.?

?So you?re saying we should abandon Luffy!? roared Sanji angrily

?No.? whispered Chopper

?Calm down Sanji.? said Nami ?Chopper just doesn?t want you to get hurt.?

Sanji sighed ?I know that.? He the proceeded to light himself a cigarette and popped it in his mouth ?We?re going now.?

Chopper sighed grabbed his medical kit and followed Sanji.

?He?s an idiot.? Laughed Usopp ?Luffy will win and come back here, there?s no need to go.?

?You can stay here alone then.? Laughed Nami as she and Pucho left next

?Wait!? cried Usopp as he chased after them.


The Man stepped into the mansion where he saw many dolls standing in two lines.

?A welcome party?? he grinned and raised his large bulky arm ?Strong Right!?

The man?s arm flew from his body connected by a steel chain and smashed into the dolls.


Eshu woke as his alarm blared he quickly brought the dolls in his mansion to life.

?What?s going on?? he thought

Wata and Wedo soon came running into his room.

?What?s going on Wedo?? asked Eshu

?It would seem someone has broken into the mansion.? Answered Wedo

?Well that?s obvious but who?? Sighed Eshu


Franky grinned as the dolls lay in pieces at his feet ?Wonder if this is distraction enough??

Franky grinned as his left arm rotated inward and his wrist opened like a door hinge ?Weapons Left!? he fired a cannonball straight down the corridor causing a large explosion that blew the nearby walls apart ?Bet that got there attention.?

Two seconds later many dolls surrounded Franky


Luffy quickly looked around, he approached the door and heard a loud explosion ?What?s going on?? he thought as he rushed towards the door to find Franky surrounded by dolls.

?Dolls.? Cried Luffy

Franky turned around ?LUFFY!?

?Who?re you?? asked Luffy as he smashed two doll heads together

?WHAT!?? roared Franky ?I?m your nakama!?

Luffy looked at Franky then saw his speedos ?AH! Franky!? he cried

The dolls lunged.

Franky fired his cannon at them blowing another part of the mansion wall apart and knocking him and Luffy out into the garden towards the lake.

The dolls continued towards them

?Gomu Gomu No Whip!? cried Luffy as his outstretched leg spun around slamming into the dolls and knocking them all into the lake ?Stupid dolls.?

?What are you doing here?? asked Franky ?We sent Chopper to get you guys.?

?I?m here to save zoro and Skadi.? Answered Luffy

?Robin?s doing that.? Answered Franky ?we were gonna save them, meet you guys and get outta this damn town.?

?Eshu?s got the only boat in this city and we need it.? Said Luffy ?And seeing as how I?m a pirate I?m gonna steal it.?

With the dolls gone Luffy and Franky turned to head back to the mansion when the lake water rushed towards them hitting them in the back.

Luffy and Franky fell to the ground and looked around them.

?What was that?? asked Luffy

?No idea.? Answered Franky

The water made a loud splash sound as someone came leaping out of it.

?What the?? gasped franky as the being landed in front of them

?Who are you?? asked Franky

?Visage.? He answered ?I?m one of the Water Warriors and your executioner.?


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 43 ? The Water Warriors Attack!

Robin finally made it to the dungeons where she found Zoro and two others

?Robin.? Grinned Zoro ?Should have known you?d have something to do with the ruckus up there.?

?Not me.? She smiled ?Franky?s the one making a commotion.?

?Who cares.? Grinned Zoro ?Get me out of here.?

Robin tossed Zoro the key as she opened the store cupboard to find Zoro?s swords and Skadi?s dagger.

Zoro unlocked the door and he, Skadi and Monkey joined Robin

?Let?s get out of here.? Shivered Skadi ?I hate dungeons.?

They raced up the staircase and into a large hallway, down they went and came to a large door which led into a large hall.

?Dance hall maybe.? Smiled Robin

?Exactly.? Smiled a green tentacle woman

?Yemaya!? snapped Skadi ?Payback time.?

Yemaya laughed ?You?ve already lost to me once and you still look injured to me.? She began to laugh again.

A hand appeared on Yemaya?s shoulder and clamped over her mouth ?You?re too loud.? Said Robin

Yemaya glared at Robin ?And who might you be bitch.?

Robin smiled as the hand she had placed on Yemaya?s shoulder spun and smacked Yemaya across the face. Yemaya looked stunned as Robin?s hand disappeared in a blur of pink petals.

?Stupid bitch.? Laughed Yemaya ?You?re dead.?

?Go find Franky and we?ll escape.? Ordered Robin

?We?re here to steal Eshu?s boat.? Sighed Zoro ?We need it.?

?What?? asked a confused Robin ?Why??

?To reach a certain island.? Grinned Zoro ?One where a great demon lord lives.?

Robin stared at Zoro in shock oblivious to the approaching Yemaya

Visage was a tall, green and slimy monster like human, he was crouched over and had seaweed for hair, and he had sharp claws and legs that bent both ways.

?Luffy are you planning on beating Eshu?? asked Franky

?Yeah.? Grinned Luffy

?Ok I?ll distract Visage and you get back into the palace got it?? asked Franky

?Right.? Answered Luffy

?GO!!? roared Franky as he fired his arm at Visage while Luffy broke towards the mansion.

Visage made no move to stop Luffy but instead moved towards Franky.

Visage caught Franky?s arm and pulled him towards him.

Yemaya?s attack suddenly stopped as two hands sprouted on her ankles tripping her feet.

?What the hell?? hissed Yemaya as she stumbled

?I can create any part of my body multiple times.? smiled Robin as she turned towards Yemaya.

Zoro and Monkey made towards another large door that would lead them out.

Skadi however did not.

?What are you still doing here?? asked Yemaya before she burst into laughter ?Not seriously going to fight me again are you??

?Like I said.? Smiled Skadi ?Its payback time.?

?Let me tell you girls something.? Smiled Yemaya ?Among the five water warriors there is one called Riuth, his power is beyond even mine, so even if your lucky enough to beat me, you still have him and then there?s that idiot Visage who just wants to fight.?

?So this Riuth guy is the strongest of you five?? aksed Skadi

?Not counting Wedo the yes.? Answered Yemaya

?Right then so I?ll just kick your ass then kick his ass.? Grinned Skadi

?LET?S GO THEN BITCH!? screamed Yemaya and the water maze burst forwards surrounding Skadi and robin ?This time you will die, I don?t care about eshu?s orders ? YOU WILL DIE!!?

Yemaya burst out of the water at Skadi?s back and she was helpless, luckily Robin was not and two hands appeared on Skadi?s shoulders pushing her back so that she fell on her bum and Yemaya sailed through empty space.

?Thanks.? Said Skadi ?I?m Skadi by the way.?

Robin smiled ?Perhaps we should fight her together.?

?Sure.? Laughed Skadi ??Let?s win this.?

Franky raised his arm as Visage reeled him in.

?STRONG RIGHT!? roared Franky a she slammed his fist with full force at Visage who?s lanky body allowed him to bend awkwardly and dodge, Visage then swung his leg up and slammed it into Franky?s chin sending the cyborg crashing to the ground.

?Damn it.? Moaned franky ?Stupid weird body guy.?

Franky rushed at Visage and swung his arms wildly at Visage who?s strange bendy body disjointed and easily dodged all of Franky?s attacks.

?What?s with your body.? Roared franky ?Strong Right!?

Franky?s fist slammed into Visage?s chest and knocked the water warrior back several feet.

Visage laughed ?Very good.?

Franky stared at Viasge

Suddenly Visage was gone, he reappeared behind Franky from a water bubble that he had been secretly forming.

Franky spun around to see razor sharp claws inches away from his eyes before a small pebble of some sort struck Visage?s face then to his shock it exploded.

The water fell to the ground and Visage flew backwards and crashed into the ground.

?Who?? asked franky as he spun around to see the third tier entrance.

Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Pucho and Nami stood before him.

?You guys are alright!? cried Franky happily throwing his large arm over his face to hide his tears.

?Want some help?? asked Sanji

?You guys should go help Luffy.? Said Franky ?From what I know there?s still the strongest water warrior out there.?

Suddenly it began to pour with rain and the clouds above began to flash with ligtning, then the thunder boomed. Lightning struck down before them and a person emerged from the light.

?Who are you?? asked Sanji

?Riuth.? answered the being ?I am the strongest and the leader of the five water warriors.?

?Guess that?s my cue.? Grinned Sanji

?We shall not yet do battle.? Said Riuth ?I merely came to offer you the chance to leave, I hate pointless killing and as you are now you can?t defeat me.?

?Really?? asked Sanji as he leaped towards Riuth who vanished.

Riuth appeared behind Sanji and gripped his shoulders.

Sanji stopped as he felt Riuth?s grip tighten and begin to crush him.

?As you can clearly tell I can squash you like a bug.? Said Riuth ?Leave now.?

Riuth threw Sanji to the ground and vanished once more.

The rain stopped and the crew looked stunned.

Suddenly visage bounded at them and screeched its fury from the sneak attack ?DIE!!!!?