Nick Simmons plagarizes popular manga series

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First of all: LiveJournal Topic from Bleachiness.

For those of you out of the loop, Nick Simmons is the son of this cunt. Not wanting to outdo his father's general douchebaggery in the Music Industry, Sonny Jim over here has decided to take it to another medium altogether and take the comic book world by storm with his comic book: Incarnate.

Funny story: I actually MADE a sprite comic called Incarnate 6 years ago, seriously.

If you cbf looking at the topic, here's pics:

Seriously dude, there's inspiration, and then there's being lazy and tracing it.
Seriously that last pic I wasn't sure which it was for a second till I looked at the background because lets face it bleach can get pretty wonky.

BUt yeah... there is no way he could be doing anything but copying these...
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