Near death experience.

Shinji Ikari

Pilot Evangelion unit-1
anyone ever been pulled from the brink?? Me, i drowned. You look at things a lot differently , and appreciate things differently when you thought it was all over, and you are given a 2nd chance.


2D Complex.
eh I got a lot of close calls, almost drowned at the beach :( and stuff.
I just laugh it off and think of my last thought when in trouble


beh jump over a gate on roller blade made my butt really bad

Gotten beat by my cousin really bad at one point
almost hit another car head on, was skateboarding and wasn't looking and almost was hit by a car like an inch away.

guess no real near death experience.


The colorless notice =.=
i was running into the carpark when this big car came out and almost knocked me down T___T den i so drama like some movie liddat stand thr and freeze


jesus stole my taco
lol many

-nearly died from being hit by car (i just passed out nothing too serious)
-i was riding my bike and my back tire got punctured on something so i braked hard on my front break and my bike flipped
-this doesnt count as near death but i almost got brain damaged from falling on my head while playing australian football

many more i just cant remember cus i got amnesia after them lol
i fell in a fish breeding facility when feeding the fish and no one bothered to jump in after me. they were just siting on the side yelling "grab my hand" or stuff though i was underwater and couldn't hear them well


Phoenix of the Red Moon
well, where should i begin...
- got hit by a car and thrown 5m
- run over by a bike
- chocked on a coin
- fell with a knife in my hand and nearly stick it in my neck
- my heart stopped when getting out of the surgery when i took out one my kidneys
that's about all
Hmm...very strange.

This type of deal happened to me this previous summer. Long story short: A short series of surgeries left scar tissue, which was later infected with gang green. We took too long getting to the hospital, and were informed that if we had waited any longer, I would have been dead in hours. Of course, there is more to it than that, but that's the gist.

I definetly took some time after I got out of the hospital to re-think everything. In my eyes, I did die. The doctor shouldn't have noticed anything in the x-ray. It was just luck.
Only a few here...

-Fell from a second story door, landed on a bunch of rocks and broke various vertebra in my back.
-Got the living hell beat out of me...I don't remember much except waking up in the hospital with an IV stuck in my arm (god I hate those things...)