Naruto manga discussion :)

I have to wonder ig it has anything to do with the mask. I mean it makes sense to wear the mask but more to the point of only showing one eye, kinda like a Danzo sort of thing.
I'm guessing Madara's going to raid the Hidden Rain? I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the Rinnegan right now, although Madara has surprised me before.
Doubtful, that he would do an all out assault since he doesn't seem to have any real power himself at the moment, and that's a big at the moment, So, I'm guessing its going to be a fight with Kohnan I think using the plant guy can't think of his name. and he will take the body from her.
Yeah I didn't mean raid as in full on assault. Makes me wonder about the six paths, though. Were their Rinnegans full or just an extension from Nagato's jutsu that returned to normal after their second deaths? Did Konan take all the flesh and bone bodies back to the Hidden Rain, or just Yahiko and Nagato? I don't have the Naruto/Pain chapters anymore so I can't actually check :/

I know one of them got turned to stone, so his eyes would be useless...

...actually, nevermind that. I'm sure if any useable Rinnegan eyes were available to Konoha they would have been grafted into Danzo's body.


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Yeah I don't think Danzo would be one to let the Rinnegan slip past him. I'm kinda wondering what kind of threat that plant guy actually poses, because he wanted to take on Naruto which shows he has some confidence in himself.

Also, who all does Madara have on his side? Most of his men have died leaving only Sauske and the plant guy... any others?
So, is Kisame still alive then I had trouble telling in this last week since they definitely planned on him "dying" or whatever happened to him. Anyone have ideas?
Idea's on what? The "Kisame" that Bee and Raikage beat was a White Zetsu clone (it's convoluted) and he's hanging out inside Samehada (don't ask how).

I believe this is what Narutards call "Plot no Jutsu", as Kisame and Zetsu pulled off what must have been as close to an impossible switch as you could get.
Ok thanks for the clarification that makes a hell of a lot more sense to me now. I really should stop reading manga at 2 in the morning, they might start to make a bit more sense that way.
Like what sorts of things maybe I can be of some service. Also I forgot to mention this almost ever time I respond to you, but I love your spoiler bar.
No, my problems with the manga is more about logic than anything else.

And thanks, it gives me a reason to come back here at least once a week. (Although if the Character limit in sigs were raised up a bit I'm sure I could do more.)


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The whole Kisame being alive and hiding in his sword (if you could even call it a sword) is a bit ridiculous to me but what can I say lately when has Naruto made much sense.
So can I get bets on Who's body "scared" Madara, my personal bet is it being the 4th Hokage because we know that Orochimaru had it. If not that I would say Madara's own body since he seems to have a lack of power and we haven't seen his face so god knows something must be wrong. Especially since everyone had thought he was dead.


Oderint Dum Metuant
Mayby his brother... scratch that I don't think he would be afraid of his brother sense he tooks his eyes.

But seriously I'm thinking it's his body as well sense he currently seems to be a spector of sorts.
It was a good exchange, i'll give Kishi that much.

I also love how Kabuto didn't cover his tracks well at all, leading Konoha straight to the Akatsuki base.