2D Complex.
It's a show about two people who find out if there is a truth or false to various myths and sayings. Using science and other ways, they have the resources a normal person would not be able to do (in some ways). Opinions and comments about the show?

I find this show very education when it comes to dealing with useless facts/information and very entertaining when they do separate what is false and true.


turnabout moderation
Love that Show. I find it very entertaining while at the same time giving you the chance to learn something something that may have never crossed your mind. that, or provide you with an interesting little piece of information about something in pop culture James Bond gadgets are a recent example.


kumo no you ni
I always watched that show! Adam, Jamie and their experiments are very amusing (and a bit crazy:D), but at the same time it looks that they know what they are doing.
I think the show is fun to watch, and it also teaches you interesting new things!;)


yea I watch this when I randomly find it on, I remember when they did the cloth to break the jail bars and busted the myth from a jackie chan movie, that was funny


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I love Mythbusters It is always good for a laugh and you learn something cool every time. I've seen every episode I believe. Although I should correct one thing you said B StAR. There is more than 2 people testing the myths. There is also Tori Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara who test some myths as well.