My True Resignation


Well as you can see I no longer am active here, and also RL has been taking up some time from me pretty badly, so I may no longer even have enough time to even try to be active here anymore.

I have about 2 hours of online time too, so I decided to be loyal to my close friend's site. I had abandoned it a few times and I have been really regretting it, on not being able to help him. And now exams are truly hitting me so I guess I really have to leave and resign.

I'll miss some of you guys here, so if I ever see you guys in MSN, IM me and we can have some nice chats like the good old times.

Also don't re-promote me, as I seek to leave as a member.

Also on my spot here I wish that Shiro-kun(Rebirth) to take my spot.
He's very able use him well.

I'll miss everyone here and of course mostly the ones I been with for so long.

Shinji Ikari

Pilot Evangelion unit-1
Don't be a stranger Ray. I can understand the RL getting busy! It's tough to get on when the weather starts to get nice!

anyway, take care and go slow!
Laters. Enjoy your exams =D

I would have thought staff would pick someone who is currently on the team though to go to Smod ^^
Well, Ray. I didn't really know you, but I'm sure you'll be missed by everyone, and I'm sure that it would've been great to get to know you better!

I'll get that MSN, and maybe we can have a chat sometime! :D


Oderint Dum Metuant
lol He actually resigned I wonder what happed with that "friend" of his... anyways Ray you know your always welcome here and I know I will be seeing you on msn since we chat there often and I'm sure there will be a new series for you to spoil for me lol.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *goes emoer than the word Emo*

;___;... Bye Ray-Kun ... you better come back or else Uchiha Itachi will be ... Sadass X_X

See ya! I will talk to you on MSN ... when my GTA Addiction disappears xD