Maple Story anyone?


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i have been playing this game again recently...
and once again getting addicted to it =_="
*sigh* so is there anyone else who play it?:D


The colorless notice =.=
i played since 29 june 2005 , sstopped around October last year. trying to fix it up again cuz my fren wants me to play it with her.

it sucks and gets boring after awhile. Lv 50 fire poison wizard and lv 106 c.dit :D

Which server you play? (eg: GMS , JMS , KMS , MSEA)
And which world? (eg:Broa,Windia,Bootes,Cassiopeia)
I KNOW HUH!! i started playing in 2005-2006, then i got totally bored and quit. I was a spearman lvl 22 in KHAINi (GMS).

Then, recently, i think in november 2007 or something, i just decided to start playing again, and made another character in SCANIA, and I'm now a crossbowman! =D

I just lvled today! lvl 36, yay!! I'm currently at orbis..

anyone in the server scania? lets play sometimes.

ign: armygirlxx