Mac vs PCs


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it all depends on what you want in the system. if you want something great for media editingand graphic design go with a mac.

for Gaming its windows all the way, there arent as many compatible games for the mac (though there are ways to change that).

Otherwise, the main disadvantage is the fact that windows is more suceptible to viruses and would require firewall/virus protection. it would also be running vista which i personally hate. (just an opinion)


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I personally like Windows better. For me there more reliable and its easier for me to navigate. From my experience Mac's are frustrating to find files and i cant game on them worth crap. But thats me i was raised on windows so i know it inside and out :D

Shinji Ikari

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Macs are powerfull, but it's tough to get software. BUT, for anything specific...Graphics, Music production (who uses Pro Tools on a pc??!!??) Macs rule. All around, pc's ftw.


Well its all you choice but I reccomend a HP Pc with a high HD and ram if you want your computer to run smooth and vista sucs <_<


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if you are looking into windows, Acer is another brand to look at. its recommended by a good number of my friends (most of which are more of a computer expert than myself)


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yeah, as far as i have seen they arent very problematic. not sure if it changed but in the past dells have been some of the more unreliable systems i have seen. (mostly thet they dont go very long before encountering some kind of issue) but its been a while so it may have improverd.
Yea I like PC, windows is a made complicated to operate correctly, btw you guys can operate vista on mac, they are better that way, windows is going to need a better operating system then vista that takes like 250 ram space just turning it on....


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i wouldnt worry about the games either, you can run both os's or find a way to run windows games on a mac. I got my counter strike to work perfectly, just as it would on windows, you just need to know how.


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MACs: Excellent for professional use, pathetic for practical use. Not much else to say about them, they have their uses. PC's the way to go though, clearly.


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PC>Mac. It's a given, but if it's Vista then. XP>Vista=Mac. Lawl. Well Vista is somewhat better in some categories then Mac, but the same goes for Mac. I've used all of them so what I think has some facts to them.
well it depends on what you like if you like safety mac all the way

if you like things being programmed in and playing games I would go with a pc because in a mac there are certain things you have to install.

and the most important part is which you prefer.