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We're loosing the media server, money's ran out I guess? Eh..gunna have to go to Free File Host or something..I guess...but for now while the server is still up, you're free to rape the directories..

Index of /

Have fun...

- Abarnes
abarnes how much rent of media server cost? i think if g2 members will know how much is it mayby money will come to you, and server will be up again?
Maybe google advertisments will help a bit? or locking downloade for time of collecting needed amount of money? 70us/m its not so expensive after all... come one ppl its not so much, 2usd per member by paypal and media server will be saved!!!
I don't know how much bandwidth you use and your internet but you could always set up a server at your home and run it for the cost of basically the power. I do this for my work and ever since the server was added at the lead programmers house not only has it been running faster than our leased server but his electrical bill has only gone up 4 dollars/month since (the thing has a 750 watt power supply)


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Locking the downloads wouldn't help and Google disabled my account aand still owe me $200+

Home server wouldn't run fast enough to supply downloads to everyone so might as well us Free File Host, could try a small home server tho.
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in this day and age , you should have gone the Free File Host long time ago , i've spent some good times here but that was long ago , you have my regards and i hope that this site will be big one day , it used to have a very good community .
I can go 50/50 with you on the bill. At least for the first month, incase you didnt get my msn message, samwiermacht@hotmail.com .
I can pay up to 40$ but thats as far as i can go. But if its enough tell me how to pay it and i will.
Put those Major Episodes up and we can cal it even ;)


Kino_64: the only problem is it is every month, and no members want to donate enough as it is, google adds owe us alot and disabled the account, so we're stick with what we can scrounge which is obviously nothing :(
not sure about you guys though, but 70 USD is alot to me, if i am thinking in HKD. and man i hate it when i lose another good site to dl from, and if ur thinking of a free file host you could, try ifile, or rapidshare. i'm hosting some myself, so i don't forget about them.

on second thought forget about rapidshare since that only allows a limited dl with a time limit, ifile on the other hand is zero limit and allows accelerator.

by the way, if anyone wants Ryuusei no Rockman, i have rapidshare and ifile links for anyone who wants it, i kinda wish people would dl from rapidshare more often since i gain something from it, but anything goes for me.
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there is a partial solution for downloading from rapidshare, you can use special download manager jdownloader, by using it i'm waiting only 15min per file, and downloading is automatic, jDown even recognize and auto fill bot test fields on pages like RS...

But that is not the same as G2 media server, to bad it's already lost :(
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