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Let Me Hear Your SongGroup maintained by: HikarinGroup description: The place for fans of vocaloid and all other doujin artists and circles. Doujin artists may include 96Neko, Chata, TatshMusicCircle and so forth. (If you are confused on anything, feel free to ask.)You may also provide your own original music works or fan art of any characters.Special feature: Want a Japanese song translated? Then just provide the details, ask me (Hikarin) to do it and I'll post it here as long as I can find the kanji!^^Group rules:1) No use of foul language will be tolerated.2) No flaming in this group or spam will be tolerated.3) No hentai material will be tolerated. You may however, provide an outside link to somewhere else in a spoiler with an adult warning before it. Light ecchi is also okay.4) You must stay on topic. Don't stray too much.5) All images and videos must be kept in spoilers.6) You must listen to the site owner.7) Have fun. :3How to join: 1) You must be a member of G2Anime.2) You must love or be interested in doujin music.3) Just give me a heads up here and I'll add you to the member list. :3Member List: Hikarin (owner)DarkSign (co-owner)FrankXpromotional tags and banner coming soon...
[1st group post and space maker]Okay, so welcome to the group everyone. :3 To start off conversation, I'd like to introduce you all to a new doujin group called CL?SH. CL?SH is made up of vocaloid producer Shuujin P (Risoukyou, Ichiru no Negai, Shin Seiki, Shuujin, Kami Hikouki, Bundan etc.) who writes the lyrics and composes the music and Niconico artist 96 Neko who is in charge of the vocals. They have now released their first album called "ScHWarz ~Kuro~" and are soon to release a second. A video has been made of the second track on ScHWarz, 4696 ~KURO NO NEGAI~ (translates to "Back and White ~BLACK'S WISH~).Niconico link: click hereYoutube link: click hereLyrics: click here
Ah, you have to! Watch these videos in order: 1) Risoukyou 2) Ichiru no Negai 3) Shin Seiki They are deep but they really are something! =0 Once wat submits my sub of 4696 too, you'll cry. It's so good!X3
They are all good!^^ I submitted a translation of Risoukyou and Ichiru no Negai too. They were fun to translate :3mothy makes some really good songs also. I love how he based a lot of his songs of the seven sins.
Ehe, I guess so, but I also love letting other people understand them!XD Do you have any translation requests for me? I'm free to do some since I translated Diver by NICO Touches the Walls last night and I'm just about to do some random JAM Project ones now :3Oh! You have to listen to some of Sososo P's songs! ???P is an awesome producer! =0 The songs are kinda techno-styled. I recomend "Fly with me" first!^^
Hai, hai, I will :3 And I do have news! One of Hikarin's favourite doujin singers, Sariya-jin has formed a group now titled "Sweet Simple Little World"! I really love Sariya-jin so this is very exciting to me!XD
They are and Sariya-jin is awesome! You should hear her; the first song of hers I heard was FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS on one of the TatshMusicCircle albums and that song alone pulled me in! :3 I had "Shunkashuutou kawari yukeba irokoi no sadame~" in my head for a whole month!