Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


I am The Light

We are introduced with the scene where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories had came to an end, and are then confronted with the phrase "The other side attached to Sora still sleeps", along with "The mind comes back whenever they touch."

The video then focuses upon Roxas and Axel, sitting atop the clock tower in Twilight Town. This seems to be the same scene from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+. Soon after, the video shows Roxas being invited into Organization XIII. He is being greeted by all, and introduces himself, and they do the same to him. Then the scene fades into Roxas actually joining the Organization.

Following this is a short clip of Mickey talking about Axel, and Saix near Roxas. Roxas is shown pulling out both of his keyblades, and it moves into gameplay. The gameplay confirms that you may play with Roxas, Axel, Saix and Xigbar.

Xemnas then mentions something very interesting. He explains that a 14th member has joined their Organization, and that this member is female. This scene is quickly followed by the title of the game: "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days" and a whispering Roxas saying "I will disappear from this world in 151 days"

This game is for the beloved Nintendo DS.

YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Trailer

Game play

What you guys think of this coming out?
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oh, yeah, definately getting this. it figures that the DS would get an installment of its own. the graphics look great, going by FFIII as a comparison.