I would rather never spend so much money on a gimick on my life ever again. I brought an N95. It was cool sure, some things were awesome... But it didn't improve my quality of life in the form of a phone ahah - especially not with such a massive pricetag.

I'd rather fork out a lazy $100 for a phone that does what it does: txt, phone calls maybe the possibility of mp3, but i already have an mp3 player... so Yeh.

"I'd rather be dead then be a fucking prisoner
Of your matrix of fucking consumer bullshit
Go ahead spend your money on some stupid fucking trend
Some shit that's gonna be gone by next year

Wear your hair like a girl
Wear girls pants like a fucking queer
Keep crying about your little cheating slut of a girlfriend
Like a fucking little baby
Be a man"



I think this goes beyond phones sir. I think this goes beyond the monetary system. What we are talking about is the matrix in which you are still probably a slave to somehow without realizing.. Or maybe choose and think you realize it but... The matter of the fact is you're still a slave to it.