I learned something...


Feb 3, 2008
I don't know where to put this... so maybe you can move it to other places where this thread fits most... =D
I read Zettai Kareshi manga and these are the things that I've learned.....

This is the first manga that I read. The story is kinda short but it?s really worth reading. The story made me cry and made me shivers. I wanna give this manga a perfect 10. There were also new things that I?ve learned from this manga.

First is when you like somebody don?t think twice tell him/her already before it?s too late.

Second is if you?re in a relationship you don?t need to hurry things. You don?t need to pressure yourself to do things that you are not prepared to do.

Third, don?t give up on love and don?t loose hope. There are millions of people around the globe and at least one person is destined for you.

Fourth, if the person you love is with someone else, set her free as long as you know she/ he is happy with someone.

Fifth, last but not the least treasure all the moments. We are not sure if your relationship will last but at least you remembered that you once loved.

Loving is the happiest and most painful emotion a person could ever feel.

Though I'm not inlove atm...It's fun to be inlove especially when you know someone feels your special.:mlfy: