How much have you spent on anime?

Shinji Ikari

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most of the GOOD stuff I want (Lucky Star, School Rumble complete season, Clannad, and others) is not even sold in US yet. So time is against me I like to watch one episode or two and if I like it I buy the whole set

then again what does constitute as otaku? cosplaying? or is it when you start collecting figurines and other stuff?
Not true !!! School Rumble, Lucky Star, Clannad i have seen all of these for sale in the US.... Especially school rumble!


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where?!?!? I know school rumble is already selling, I usually wait for box sets to save money, but the clannad and lucky star??????


2D Complex.
with english dub? I know dubs are very edgy when it comes down to it, but I like to have them just incase I go blind or something lol

Shinji Ikari

Pilot Evangelion unit-1
where?!?!? I know school rumble is already selling, I usually wait for box sets to save money, but the clannad and lucky star??????
Ebay owns for price and availabillity. I've gotten box sets of stuff wat before it was released in the us. But I have seen Lucky star and School rumble at Best Buy. Think i saw clannad too, but can't remember. And not all stores list what they have online, so check out all the local stores.
i have spent about 300 dollars on my anime collect for the original DVD's and i spent about another 300 dollars for clean data DVD's to burn my downloaded anime on lol
well..since there are no possibilities to spend money on original dvd cuz here there are no shops that sell anime ... just a manga shop.... i did spend lots on blank dvds... it sounds weird but i had to buy a lot of them to increase my collection muwahahaha


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Piracy!!! Well, it's the same for me... there's one manga shop but it's translated over to Icelandic, I want my manga in english! :mad: The only thing I spend on anime and manga is my time

Shinji Ikari

Pilot Evangelion unit-1
Well, i have spent well over $3000 USD on anime... may be over $4000.. I am not quite sure. I am pretty fortunate to be able to even buy anime around here. A lot of people have a tough time finding it where they live. I have a friend in Ireland who has a hell of a time finding anime locally.
yup yup... really fortunate... it may sound wierd but it is kind of sad not having a anime shop in the whole country... and i think i know why.... if we were to have a shop .... the anime on sell should have been subbed or dubbed in romanian... therefor romanian ppl dont know japanese well enough to be able to do that.... or so i think that is the reason..


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I have spent too much money and time on anime and manga. Since there are two stores not that faraway selling imported anime and manga. It seems I just can not stop when first I have laid my eyes on something in one of those stores and with that said a shopping frenzy will begin and I end up buying for about 100 USD each time. Do not interfer between me and my anime and manga. Rawr~ ^.^"

I have no idea about how much I have spent during the years, I just know it is alot more than my parents could think it would be.


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been spending a lot more recently, mostly on manga. ive even been ordering from japan. Just doing my part to keep companies from going under.