How much have you spent on anime?


I thought you guys were otakus TT
I have drew anime pictures, and on old airfix models you can see anime themed things such as on a Spitfire model I have there is a painting of Asuka from NGE for nose art, I used to help design and build buildings for a friends warhammer set, I made a cinema which had a removable screen which at first was Shakugan no shana but behind it was secret battle plans [I think he used it as a secret HQ or something, personaly I never actualy player Warhammer].


Oderint Dum Metuant
how much does the fma movie, FFVII Advent Children, and FFVII Advent Children delux special addition all cost, because thats all I've bought, I download everything lol.


2D Complex.
most of the GOOD stuff I want (Lucky Star, School Rumble complete season, Clannad, and others) is not even sold in US yet. So time is against me I like to watch one episode or two and if I like it I buy the whole set

then again what does constitute as otaku? cosplaying? or is it when you start collecting figurines and other stuff?


Oderint Dum Metuant
lol when you have bills from apartment, college, cars, electricity, Internet etc, and your saving up for a wedding in 2010, you do not have any money to spend on Anime/Manga.