Hey Ladies (Guys post Questions for Girls to Answer)

Sep 11, 2009
Question!!! If a girl gets drunk, what should a guy do when she starts flirting with him?
Go with the flow, just remember to wear protection. No one likes little suprises nine months later, or little buggies making a little nest in your body after a drunken night.

I know it sounds horrable to some, but if someone is mature enough to take something that is intoxicating on their own free will, then they should be willing to deal with the results of it, if they can not then they should not have gotten drunk in the first place. Simple.

Do short guys (under 5foot 6inches) stand a chance these days ^^
Depends on the girl, I personally do not give a darn about the hight, though with most other girls (or so it seems to me) liking the alpha, chest bashing man I really can't say I speak for all females. Your best bet is to go into a bar, hit the biggist man in the place, then act like a total jack-ass and I'm very certain you will get the pretty blond, who is all legs and breasts. (Yeah, I have a very shallow view of my own gender)

How do you find a girl with common intrest and personality as you?
No idea, find something you like, a club or something in your choosen area, and if your lucky their will be people of the other gender there, who you can take your pick from.

Well how do you know if a girl has feelings for you?
Most women tend to flart alot when they like guys, this could be the little things like flipping their hair about, to having their breasts half hanging out their top. Look for the little signs.

Well i dunno about gal stuff BUT do u gal/lady prefer the guy pull the first move or you lady do it? >_> *is shy*
Most girls like the guy to make the first move.
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