Guidelines and Regulations for the Lounge

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Colonel H Stinkmeaner
May 2, 2011
Here are a couple of rules and regulations, as well as some advice you may want to consider before you start posting in this subforum.

1. General posting rules

-Try and keep the discussions as relevant as possible; there are subforums to aid you. I understand that it is quite easy to be confused about which subjects should be in the lounge, and which ones should be in the spam forum, since they are both similar. We will leave that to your judgement, but any posts deemed to be spam-provoking will be moved to the Spam and Games section.

-As for necroing threads, the rule in this sub-forum is that the maximum length after which a post can be necroed is one month. Any more than that and that thread will be closed.

2. No TFS (Trolling/Flaming/Spamming)

-A straight-forward rule, since this applies to all other parts of the forum. Please respect the opinions of others, and whilst arguments and discussions are more than welcome, please do not resort to bashing others.

-If someone trolls/flames you first, try your best not to be provoked. Instead, report that person to myself or any other moderator.

-When giving opinions, try and justify your reasons instead of giving one-liners.

-No double-posting. You can always edit the previous post to add any info required.

3. All Other Forums Rules Applies

-All other rules mentioned in the forum applies in this section as well, so please refrain from any infraction of such rules/guidelines. Here is the forum rules and guidelines thread.

4. Consequences/Punishments (as listed on the official conduct rules)

-In any instances of an infraction of a rule/rules, then such measure will be taken against the user.
1st time offence - Warning
2nd time offence - Infraction
3rd time offence - Ban
Punishment may vary based on the individual (e.g. If something has been done repetitively)

5. Have Fun~

-Probably the most important one. As long as you are not conflicting with the rules and regulations, you can do anything you want, and discuss anything you'd like~ Well, almost anything.

If there are any suggestions/feedback regarding this section, feel free to drop a PM. I will be more than happy to help! Enjoy~

Insane D Azn & Lily
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