Grief and Loss


I have muffins! =D
Okay.. I'm doing a survey about the grief and losses of people. It doesn't have to be a death, it could be losing a game or something like that. ^^;

Please answer these questions as detailed as possible.


1. What happened and how long ago did it happen?

2. Was it sudden, devastating or did you know it was going to happen? how important was it to you?

3.How did you feel about it after one year, then after five years, and how do you feel about it now. (If it happened recently you obviously can't answer what you feel five years later..)

4.What did you do to cope with your loss?


1. This weekend, Saturday (Yesterday).
We were all drinkin' talking smack, i was sitting on the edge of my mates pool... and he pushed me in.

2. It was sudden, i was in the middle of saying something and it came out of no where.
How did it effect me? I had wet pants; and wanted to go home...
And i did.

3. At first i thought it was funny, and got completely naked to go along with the laughs...
Then i wasn't allowed to put my pants in the dryer because they were too wet. (They were jeans) So i got fucked off... And walked off...
About 20mins after the incident i was at home. I went to bed and sobered up this morning. And didn't care at all really; just was stupid of me to go home.

4. At first i turned it around and made it funny for myself (Because i was naked everyone kinda laughed at first then ran away lol..)
Then to cope with it i just went home and got changed and went to bed.

If i still had alcohol left i would have just continued to get drunk and drink it away hahaha.


2D Complex.
1. Yesterday, around midnight/1:00amish... me and a close friend were having a game of 2v2 CS 1.6. Friend did very well in performance, but I sucked big time.

2. I didn't know we were going to lose.... until the critical moments came. Kinda like a gradual, you know there is a GNOME around the dark corner, but you still don't know what's going to happen type.

3. At first I blamed the equipment. Crappy mouse + crappy computer = no way to play. Couple minutes later I start to wonder if it was a personal problem instead of the hardware's fault. The What If Scenarios and If Only's just kept playing in my head...

4. I just though of past experiences to reinforce the negative cognitive thought. I tried to remember if I really did suck... but turns out most of the time it indeed WAS the equipment! I just shook it off and thought I'll buy better gear next time. Happy ending.
1. like years ago when i was like 4 years old. my dog was shot infront of me. he is to be served as "pulutan" (food eaten during drinking sessions... like peanuts etc.. i knoe its revolting for westerners but we asians like 'exotic' foods. LOL)

2. I know it was going to happen but i cant stop it. She was my first ever dog and i love her so much. for me, she is more important than my other friends. I cried for nights. i think i hated my parents that time.

3. When i was in high school, my grandma is going to sell my dog (not officially mine but i got attached to it) to my granpa (same reason as above). I took the dog and hid her until night. when i got home finally, she told me that she's going to give me half the money. i didnt took it but they still gave the dog. I have a dog now (im not running out of dogs), eventho she's an "askal" (a term for dogs without breed), i love her so much that i wont give her up.

4. Sleep the night.... find another dog agein.... theres no better coping mechanism than to have one again thatll help you heal inside.

*a lot of times i prefer being with a dog than a human.
1. It happened about 8 years ago, i saw a man being shot dead during an street confrontation,

2. It was sudden, I didn't know what was going on

3. Well initially it had no impact i just dealt with it and moved on, after the years went by i just became non-plused by death

4. Drink some Coke and watch Pinky and the brain.