Graphics Battle Rules

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Aug 23, 2006
These are the rules for the Graphics Battle forum. Please read before making a battle proposition or battle voting topic.
  1. When making a challenge please include as many of the following as possible.
    • Theme - This will tell us what type of battle this is (tag, splash, wallpaper, layout).
    • Stock - If you want a stock (image) or not in of the entries.
    • Size - Tell us the minimum and maximum or exact size that you want the entries to be.
    • Due Date - The date all entries should be submitted.
  2. No ripping! Your submissions must be made by you and only you. Members caught will have an automatic loss.
  3. Re-use of old battle submissions is not allowed.
  4. Unless mentioned by the topic starter, only submit one entry into a battle. We have absolutely no intention of picking the entry for you.
  5. After entries are submitted do the following:
    • Create a new topic with a poll with the names of all competitors. One slot per person.
    • Also include the all the entries in the topic, with the names of each competitor next to or above each entry.
  6. If you are part of a battle (meaning you've submitted an entry into it) you can not vote for yourself nor your opponent(s). Your vote will be deleted by the board administration or a moderator. Repeat offense will cause an automatic loss on your part.
  7. You can not change your entry after the poll has been made.
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