God be with Amanda..

i miss you amanda...i'd just talked to you that morning...
you leaving is just too abrupt...it's painful and different
with you not around...you'll always be missed and be
alive in our hearts.
well im really happy it was all a joke. i knew from the begining that there was something fishy from amanda's bro posting 4 hours after she "passed away", the sheer amount of posts he made the day of and the days following her "death", the vauge post of her "death" and the way it was written. i also spent a few hours trying to find an article about her "accident/crash" because i couldnt believe it.

Ive only talked to Amanda a few times including the night before but when i heard that she died it felt like one of my close fiends died. i was depressed, couldnt eat ect for a few days..and i hardly know her.

i can only imagine how everyone else who knew he better felt by the news..

i am eally happy that it was all a joke and that she is alive and well...but im also vey angry that she put me and eveyone else thru all this shit. it was a very sick joke and cant believe anyone would ever do that.

Amanda, you have no idea how much grief you caused the people on these forums. im very disapointed in you.