Get to know G2 Members

Shinji Ikari

Pilot Evangelion unit-1
time too add a few more....

Serph is really cool and always active. Has a good sense of humor even when being messed with by the Romanian trio (^.^) and myself! He is a pretty creative writer as well, and an all around nice guy.

HI h-chan! A total sweetie and shares a lot of the same interests as me. Loses a lot of sleep talkin to me and Serph! がんばって!

Yo Set-chan! Another sweetie, hard working and sincere. Shares the same passion for music as i do, and is really nice to talk to! かわいらしい!

will add more hand hurts


Phoenix of the Red Moon
Myrkur: very kind and really made me feel better when i needed ^^ plus very fun to talk to ^^

Uchiha Itachi: great person ^^ he's very talkative and also very fun to talk to ^^

Darkness: Don't know him for long, but he is a very nice person, funny and i love talking to him ^^

i'll add more later ^^
newbie who's looking for fun =o and likes animes obviously and god how I hate the rain =) looking forward to get to know you guys more


Phoenix of the Red Moon
Rei : very nice when in the mood ^^. he doesn't talk much, and has or used to have a problem with other's spelling mistakes (well, that's what makes him our Rei ^^). a very nice person ^^