Gallery Mod is now up and suggestions are welcome!


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We had another mod for the gallery but it didn't work out to well, so I had to find a better mod.. So Abarnes just install the gallery mod and I had to tweak it to be fully functional. I could of had this up a few days ago but my 2nd aunt just past away a few days ago.. So I had to be with family.

If you find any errors or any problems with the forum, please post it up here. Or want to see a new section up on the forum.. post in here as well! Just anything about the gallery mod, talk about it in here. Enjoy uploading those pics! :hamtaro8vf:


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It has always worked for me when i saw the topic it worked for me but i have to fix the size of images :p reminders have to be resize lol but other then that its great nice work
Nice job, you got the gallery I wanted all along.

I think we should make the upload size more, it's currently 500 kb and small for a lot of larger animated gifs.