Fullmetal Alchemist and the Goddess of Alchemy


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May 31, 2007
<div align="center">I just want to say something before you read the intro. I came up with this idea while watching FMA with my friend. "why are philosopher stones made out of human?"

Further more I will like to bring all the FMA Characters back so your free to use them. But you got to find a way to fit them in the story good luck ^ ^. AND the ending did not happen sorry guys... a lot of those characters kill. Could be avoid and bring into the story or just remain death... except for Nina. She will die but she will be brought back and been one of the ones that would travel with the Goddess
Now you can read

For many centuries now people had sought out the Philosopher Stone, but have never come close to it only come across red stone. Many took it in their hands to create their own Philosopher stone.

The famous[/b] Elric brothers came the close to finding the true about the Philosopher Stone. Throwing into many events they came across the many fakes red stones.

They found out the darkest secret about the stone. Its main ingredient is a live human. Even with that the fake stone is not completed.... Now this the most important thing you must know. If the philosopher Stone is made of a human then how did it come to be?

Many many centuries before people had began to use alchemy live a beautiful goddess name Nakisha. She was the most beautiful living being. She wore a white dress with many jewels but the one that most would look upon is the red stone around her... She was the one that taught all about alchemy. Many men thought that her jewel was the one that gave her powers. Not realizing she was a goddess. Not too long after that she gave birth to a boy and die giving all her powers to him.

His name was Fuji traveling to different places her would carry along with him his mother's jewel. That is how the legend begun, as a God he was able to many things that humans could not do with alchemy. He has die not to long ago and he has passed down his powers to his daughter Sakura with his mother's jewel.

Left alone Sakura has decided to travel and wander around the world to help people. She has come across many people that some have decided to tag along with her.[if anyone wants to be around her just say so] But because of her abilities/powers and the red stone she carries. Many people had begun to think she has the philosopher stone.

Many state alchemist have been send out to capture her and take take the red stone or how they call it Philosopher stone. While other alchemist that have nothing to do with the State have decided to take the Philosopher stone as their own. Just like many homunculi and human chimera but no one knows how she looks. Just the people that have encounter her alchemy.

okay I know your going to ask "so dose that mean we can make our own rpc" and the answer is yes
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