Full Metal Alchemist RP


Ultimate Bleach Fan!!!!!
We need some people to participate as homonculi so I can start this Rp. The following Homonculi are available:


Taken Homonculi
Wrath - siehydra
Envy - Mentally Unstable
Lust - cubegall


Ultimate Bleach Fan!!!!!
I edited the list of homonculi that are available and added a taken homonculi list. Sanji1P, can you handle the RP while I'm not here for me plz????
Looks like this FMA-RP had stucked somewhere and the starter is missing.
Hello, I think I'd like to be the "EmptyMetal" alchemist Alphonse Elric.


function Swiss()

I'll be that guy who has a cute little daughter who was killed I don't remember his name. But he loved his daughter and always brag about her.
I'm still around and I guess until Princess of Leo returns, I'll try to run this rp. For those who want to be in the rp, pm me and I'll let you know if you're approved.