From Someone to Somebody

Aug 25, 2011
Here is another story/diary thingy. Now that I think about it, the two stories were probably written within the same day, hence the similarities. Also this one was written after I watched 5 cms per second :panic: so this is not something original, it's based on 5 cm.


Hi, do you remember me? It's me Tomoe, your childhood... friend. Surprised? I guess not. How are you? I hope you are doing ok. I saw you on the tv last week. Congratulations, you have successfully launched your own company. See, I was right wasnt I? I told you back then that you will be ok and look where you are now.

Back then... that was about 8 years ago. 8 years ago we separated and boarded 2 trains going separate ways. I remember your face. Caring but listless -- and looks about to cry. As you boarded the train, I said that you're gonna be alright. And you said you're going to write letters and send messages to me..

Eight years later I'm wondering what happened to that promise. For some reason letters dwindled until you stopped writing altogether. Did you forget me? Did you find someone new? I keep telling myself that you couldn't forget me, I won't allow it. I told myself that we will be together soon. Every night I will spread my map and draw a line from me to you. Five rulers long on the map. Impossible for someone so young like me to travel. Hey have you ever thought if love could really conquer distance? Every night when I go to sleep I couldnt hold back the tears. I guess we both know the answer but then there's nothing wrong with hoping...

Don't worry I didn't give up easily. I decided to keep myself busy and wait until the time that we see each other again. After college I was able to get a job at a prestigious company. Work was hard but I was able to live a more comfortable life. I realized that humans are weak after all and forget things so easily. Keeping myself busy at work, I find myself that I haven't finished a single letter at all. I keep telling myself that I will send this letter tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, or probably the following week, until it became 8 years.

8 years have passed when fate brought us together to that place. You were much taller than I am and you look really great on that casual suit. I dont know if it was my imagination but our eyes met for just a second, unsure how to react to a familiar face. Sadly, we both continued walking without saying a word.

You know what? If only you've spoken a single word at that time, I would have come running towards your arms in an instant. If I turned around and saw you waiting for me, I would have dropped everything and I would've ran away with you...

But it didnt happen, I cannot afford that. Even if I want to be selfish and try to run after you, I have this little golden ring holding me back. We can not be selfish anymore after 8 years. We have connected ourselves to other people thus we have a responsibility to them, to our parents, to our newfound friends. Is it alright to destroy all of those bonds just for the sake of keeping one's heart happy?

I am almost done writing. After this, I will fold it to a paper plane and let the wind carry my thoughts. This is the first - and the last - time that I'm going to say this. I love you. I love you so much after all these years. We might have different people caring for us, we may have our hearts chained to someone else, but please remember that one cold winter when we shared each others feelings in an old shack beside a rice field. Remember that day for that was the day that I gave a piece of my heart away.